NPHL Intergrated EQA Database

Welcome to the NPHL Intergrated EQA Database Program!

Laboratory External Quality Assurance (EQA) programs evaluate performance of laboratories for specific tests using proficiency testing (PT) schemes, specimen rechecking and retesting, and site visits. Multiple times per year proficiency testing items (under a proficiency testing scheme) are sent to participating laboratories who submit results for review to the PT providers.

NPHL receives all PT results and reports for public health laboratories from PT providers. Ensuring the correct analysis of patient samples is a critical component of the health care system and PT is one component of quality assurance that can identify problems for follow up and corrective action to ensure accurate test results.

The Integrated EQA Database is a system for managing the activities and data related to EQA programs.

The application comprises of the following core features:

For any queries on the use of the system, please create a ticket on the EQA database and we shall get back to you.